Home Exercises That Help You Get Fit

Best Home Exercises that You Should Know

If you are seeking for some easy exercises you can do, this guide aims to provide you with some of the best exercises that you can easily perform without leaving the comfort of your own home. Doing these suggested exercises on a constant basis will not only boost your health but increase your endurance and stamina as well. That being said, here are some of the easy exercises you can do at home anytime.


Press Up

This method may require focus and commitment. In this exercise, you need to lie down facing the floor. With your hands on the floor, you need to extend your arms and push your body upward. Lower your body again until your chest is an inch from the ground. Again, extend your arms and push upward. The method will provide maximum growth of your upper muscles and will strengthen the joints on your shoulder.



Planking has reached the halls of health and fitness. Planking will help you reduce the pressure on your spine after core crunches. It will also help you keep your abs flat. To do it, you need to lie down facing the floor. Then, lift your body up and bend your arms. Your forearms should be carrying your body weight. Make sure your body does not touch the floor except your forearms and toes on your feet. Retain this position with your naturally straighten out back.



Deadbug is one of the easy exercises you can do at home. This method is ideal for those that want to build their core and glute muscles. All you need to do is to lie on your back. The hands should be above you. Then, bend your knees until it is at 90 degrees. You need to straighten your right leg without your heel touching the floor. An inch high above the floor will do. Go back to your first position with your knees bent. Once that is done, repeat the process with your left leg.


Side Plank

If you want to strengthen your spine, this is the best method to opt for. It is ideal for reducing back pain. It also strengthens your small muscles that are located on the lower back, which is the quadratus lumborum. All you need to do is to lie down on your left side and the legs should be straight. Don’t forget to prop yourself on your elbow. Raise your hips until the body forms a very straight angle or line. Hold that position and breathe deeply. You can repeat the process by rolling on the other side.


Triceps Kickback

 This exercise requires the use of a dumbbell. The first thing that you need to do is to rest your left knee and then your left hand on a bench. You need to lean forward until you can see that your chest is already parallel to the floor. Holding the dumbbell using the right hand, make sure that the elbow is tucked in. You need to bend to a 90-degree angle so that your weight will hang below you.

There you go, with those easy exercises you can do at home, you can expect a healthier body, stronger muscles and better stamina. Take some time to do some warm ups before you start the exercises.